Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saving the world for the rest of us

I’ve figured out what the problem is.  It’s men!

Who starts and perpetuates wars?  Who become terrorists, dedicated to destroying themselves and as many innocent people as they can take with them?  Who shoot little girls in the face because they are scared to death to allow females equal rights and opportunities?  Who tend to be obsessed with violence, particularly violence with guns, in everything from video games, to movies, to what they play on the playground?  Who go on murderous, assault-weapon rampages, killing dozens of innocent people?  Who has to turn everything into a competition, a matter of one-upmanship, of mine-is-bigger-than yours? Who commits rape, incest, and the vast majority of domestic violence?  Who commits most of the crime, period?

In a word, Men!

Not all men, of course.  Indeed, virtually every man I am friends with, am related to, or even, as far as I know, know, does not do any of the above.  But the people who do do the above are, for the most part, other men.  Testosterone-laden men, who have not managed to evolve beyond the aggressive, violent mind-set that may have helped to insure survival back in the bad old days, but now serves only to make the world a place where bad things that do not have to happen, endlessly happen.

So what are we gonna do about these guys?  The “we” being the women of the world, and those non-violent, non-bullying men – in other words, civilized men – who do not fit into the category of Undesirables?  How do we wrest power away from those guys who do not hesitate to resort to violence when things are not going to suit them?  In places like the United Stated, the other Western industrialized nations, women obviously need to make up a larger portion of their countries’ legislative bodies, have more of a voice on what bills are passed.  And we need more female judges who don’t have a problem with handing out stiff punish-ment at sentencing.  You could say, we need to get tough on crime!

For example, why isn’t the automatic penalty for rape chemical castration?  Note that it actually is a possible punishment in several countries, including Australia and New Zealand, and even nine U.S. states, but there is a question as to how often this punishment is meted out.  And indeed, it’s a choice; those convicted of sex crimes, particularly crimes against children, can opt for chemical castration, rather than jail time.  But why on earth should it be a choice?  You rape, you molest children; as far as I’m concerned you’ve lost your right to choose what you’re going to do with that penis.  But since there is absolutely nothing that all men fear more than a loss of their manhood, it’s awfully difficult to get a bunch of, for the most part male, lawmakers, to make that the required punishment for sex crimes.  But for gods’ sake, think how the incidence of rape, of child molestation, would go down, if every man who committed such a crime knew that would be his punishment?  And if the argument is, no then they’d just kill their victims, because the punishment for murder could be less (in their eyes) than that for rape, then let’s  make castration the punishment for rape, even if the victim is also murdered.  In short, you rape, no matter what else you do, you lose the ability to rape again.  And for that matter, you kill somebody, you die!  Despite my basically liberal political tendencies, I am for the death penalty.  Folks, we need to get rid of the Bad Guys!

The gun control controversy is another area where we need to wrest power away from violence-loving men.  All those men out there rushing to buy up as many guns as they can, in desperate fear that they’re about to lose their precious right to own as many, and whatever kinds of, guns as they wish (which as a matter of fact the Second Amendment does not guarantee) need to be reined in.  And we, the civilized people of the world, are the ones who are going to have to do it.  Note that I am not saying a man who like to shoot, who owns a gun, who likes to hunt, is necessarily one of the Bad Guys.  But if he thinks this right of his is more important than maintaining the safety of an entire country, then he goes into the corral with the rest of the Undesirables.

But what do we do with all the guys in that corral?  Send them all to Mars, where they can duke it out amongst themselves?  And of course, the first problem is, how do we get them all into that corral?  When the major problem of your planet is nearly one half of your planet’s reigning species, you’ve got a problem indeed…